Thursday, September 6, 2012

F'ed it up- Quick Leadville Report

I have been sitting here pondering what to write and say for the past couple of weeks since trying my hand at Leadville again and I have nothing.  I just plain ass FUCKED it up in the days leading up to the race and don't feel like typing out all the details.  Without going into the details I basically let a situation that I don't want to share right now effect the sleep I was getting in the 2 days leading up to the race.  By the time race morning rolled around I had only 8ish hours of sleep in the 48 hours leading up to the race.  I was able to keep pace through mile 60 but by the time it started getting dark outside I was falling asleep standing/walking.  I just could not keep my eyes open!  Nothing worked and I ended up being timed out at Mayqueen mile 87.  This really sucked, I was in the best shape I have ever been and blew my shot.   I want to thank my wife of course for her awesome support along with Fred Ecks, Eric Lee, and Neal Palles for their help in crewing and pacing.

Right now as I write this I am not sure if I will be doing much racing anymore.   Just getting kind of tired of training plans, ect.  I still am going to run a lot just may not race much.  I keep having thoughts of finishing the 14ers and starting to get ready for my dream mountain climb which I am not ready to share about yet.  That just may become my focus over the next 1-2 years which will be great, it is where I was before I got into ultras and would love to get back to that spot.

Here are some photos from the race.  Enjoy.

Photo by Rob Timko
Photo by Rob Timko
Going around the lake during the first 13miles

Photo by Rob Timko

Leaving Fish (mile 24) Photo by Rob Timko
Coming into Treeline(mile 30ish)
Twin Lakes (mile 40) Photo by Rob Timko
Coming into Twin Lakes Photo by Rob Timko

Leaving Twin

Over Hope Pass 1st time
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Pacer Fred leading me the 2nd time up Hope Pass
Little tired coming in to Twin Lakes (mile 60)

Refueling at Twin (mile 60)

Super Pacer Eric Lee waiting for his turn to pace.  Photo taken by unknown
Shoe change at mile 60 Twin

I have no photos from during the night.