Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Chase 10K

I signed up for a 10K race today hoping to get a new PR, needless to say I did but it doesn't count because the course was short. Ran 35:53 for the 5.75 mile course according to my Garmin for 5th overall. Little disappointed that I paid $40 for a cluster fuck of a race. I would say that I wasted about 30 seconds at 3 junctions trying to figure out where to go. Who ever thought it was a good idea to do a race on the cart paths of a golf course without course markings is a dumbass, it was a maze. This course is not "flat" like the website said but had lots of small hills. That is ok, at least the money went to a great cause, The Denver Rescue Mission. Here are my splits according my watch.

Mile 1: 6:06 Ave HR 164
Mile 2: 6:33 Ave HR 176
Mile 3: 6:24 Ave HR 175
Mile 4: 6:11 Ave HR 174
Mile 5: 6:21 Ave HR 174
Last 0.75 mile: Not sure, watch includes cooldown for 0.25 of this mile.

I don't think this will be a race I do again next year. Think I will find one that is measured correctly.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Bummer. You should send a note to the RD telling them as much.

    Nice effort though.

  2. I talked to the RD at the race, he did not seem to care which is to bad.

  3. That sounds like the Arvada race, which is one of the zillion I looked at last week. Sorry it was a mess :\ Fraud!

    Still a fast run.

    All the races I'm reading about folks are going 2-3 minutes faster per mile than me. Impressive. Need to start reading grey-hair running blogs or something.

    That area (not the golf course, but Ralston Creek trail) is pretty good for flat runs. Pleasant trail for a bike path, and there's probably some singletrack along it in spots.