Friday, October 21, 2011

Ramblings and Pranks

Been pondering all week if last Saturday's effort at the 12 Hours of Boulder warrants a race report or not. Most likely not since I treated it as an easy long 6 hour jog and did not do the whole 12 Hours. Anyways props to GZ for finishing is 100!

This weekend I am going to race- strike that- run the Bear Creek 10Spot on Sunday. If I feel good (which has not been the case all week) then I will run hard, if I don't then it will be a fun jog. Could not beat the $20 sign up fee ($40 now for last minute people).

On a side note I had to share this. Now that is a PRANK!


  1. Thanks man. I still owe you a beer. Any thoughts on the stomach post that run?

  2. Not really, I think my poopy issue that day is a combination of the gels/bloks along with just not feel well in general the last few weeks. I don't know man....