Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Leadville Plan!!

Figured since everyone else is blogging their race plans I better put mine out there also.

1. When I can I will run.

2. When I can't run I will walk.

3. I will eat as much as my glass stomach will allow me too.

4. I will hit Winfield when I get off of Hope Pass around the time I get there.

5. My goal finish time is when I cross the finish line.

Pretty simple, any questions?


  1. Brilliant really. I'm totally bagging my plan and going with yours.

  2. This would have saved me so much time writing blog posts.

  3. Lucho- Yours is pretty close to mine, just take an easy and headhunt coming back.

    Brandon- I have found for me that if I over plan that things fall apart and get ugly. It works better for me just to roll with the punches and see how it plays out. The key for me is not to push at the start which is going to be hard not to do with wanting to get in front of all those people.

    It is what it is! Time to go play! See ya in PB.

  4. This one is yours, Shad. Kick it!

  5. Nice plan, worked out pretty well for you on race day. Great job out there!