Monday, June 14, 2010

BMI Bullcrap!

I just had to put this out there as a rant. I was playing around a little on the BMI calculator on the CDC website, you can find it by clicking here. This is what it said for me.

Height: 6 feet, 0.5 inches
Weight: 177 pounds

Your BMI is 23.7, indicating your weight is in the Normal category for adults of your height.For your height, a normal weight range would be from 138 to 186 pounds.

Maintaining a healthy weight may reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with overweight and obesity.

There is a 50 pound range for me!!!! If I got down to 138lbs I would be in the hospital. What a bunch of BULLCRAP! How did yours turn out?


  1. 6'0/ 138# is pretty damn sickly if you ask me! And 6'/ 177# sounds healthy and strong. The BMI calculations are very rough estimates that I think only help people when they are on an extreme end of the spectrum. Body fat percentage is a more significant component of health... forget BMI!

  2. I think that is about Culpepper's build (6', 135#).

    For me it said - Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
    Weight: 140 pounds

    Your BMI is 21.3, indicating your weight is in the Normal category for adults of your height.

    For your height, a normal weight range would be from 122 to 164 pounds.

    122 for me would be pretty rough. I get to 135 with some work.

  3. BMI, is the most unscientific form of information on body composition you can get! I once read a list of actors who were "obese" in their prime fitness. Tom Cruise for example was one, and at the time his fat percentage was very low and lean body mass very high. BMI is a bunch of crap!

  4. I got 22.7, and a 40lb range. Those calculators ARE bullcrap as they don't take into account activity level, etc. I very much doubt my BMI is 22 or yours is 23. If you really want to know, get an actual body composition analysis like electrical impedance of something like that. Really, all the running we do, its just not possible to have a bf in that range :)

  5. Here is the conversation I with running buddy JT. I guess it is time to go on a diet.

    jon teisher - 23.7? Doesn't that make you obese? FATTY!
    Shad Mika - Go fall off a mountain loser.
    jon teisher - Go hit the all-you-can-eat buffet at Golden Corral, heffer.

    Guess I am going to have to start training harder and kick his ass at Leadville.

  6. If you kick TJ's ass at Leadville, I'll hand you a cigar, a beer, and a cheeseburger.

    BMI is ridiculous. Take into account pro football players who are solid 350lbs of muscle. BMI will say they're pathetic, fat slobs. Percentage of body fat will tell the truth.
    That said, my percentage shows I drink too much beer, don't run enough, and eat too much. I plan to change that, some day, not right now, but maybe in a few months, or next year, or when I feel like it, or actually do it, or...

  7. My BMI said normal however it gave my acceptable weight range from 111 to 150. I once got down to 115 and I was SICKLY was not a healthy weight for me. And 150?? I have been up to 135 and that was def. not good. I think BMI is a total waste of time to analyze.