Tuesday, August 4, 2009

JT's Hardrock 100 Race Report

I took awhile for it to get done since JT has been a lazy sh*t but as promised in my earlier post here is JT's race report for the Hardrock 100 mile trail run. He wrote in sections so I have linked each section below for you. Enjoy... Hopefully I can have the chance to run this race, there is nothing else like it.

Part 1: Silverton to Cunningham

Part 2: Cunningham Gulch to Maggie Gulch

Part 3: Maggie Gulch to Pole Creek

Part 4: Pole Creek to Sherman

Part 5: Sherman to Grouse Gulch

Part 6: Grouse Gulch to Ouray

Part 7: Ouray aid station

Part 8: Ouray to Governor Basin

Part 9: Gov Basin to Virginius Pass

Part 10: Kroger's to Telluride

Part 11: Telluride to Chapman Gulch

Part 12: Chapman Gulch to KT

Part 13: KT to Putnam

Part 14: Putnam to Silverton(Finish)