Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This Week's Training

I thought with the Red Hot 50K coming up in two weeks or so on Feb 16th that I would start posting my weekly workout logs. Maybe that will hold me more accountable to my training. Last week was a good week of training. It is the first time that I have broken 50 miles in a week since last summer. I just need to keep building on that. Anyway here is last weeks log.

Monday1/28: Run 6 miles; Weights 30 mins

Tuesday 1/29: Run 6.25 miles

Weds 1/30: Run 7.25 miles (30mins at 7:30 pace); Swim 30 mins; Weights 30 mins

Thurs 1/31: Run 8 miles; Yoga 1 hour

Fri 2/1: OFF

Sat 2/2: Trailrun 8.5 miles

Sun 2/3: Trailrun 19 miles; Swim 30 mins.


This was a very hard week both mentaliy and physically for me. I even took yesterday (Monday) off to recover. I am really under trained for the 50K that is coming up. I guess I will just go out there and run/walk it if I have to and just have a good time in Moab.

Train hard and have a great week.