Thursday, October 4, 2007

You know you're a 14er nut when...

This is from many people on I can relate to most of these if not all of them.

Train hard.......Shad

You know you're a 14er nut when...

You visit REI more often than your local grocery store.

Noticing the mountains can stop you mid-sentence in a conversation.

Your work schedule revolves around your climbing schedule.

You hear about a "summit on world poverty" and wonder how climbing could improve the world economy.

You walk into your room to go to bed, realize that you washed your sheets today but didn't put them back on the mattress, and just nab your sleeping bag and collapse anyway.

You rate a potentially compatible member of the opposite sex on a difficulty level of 1 to 5.

Your friends consider you a "mountain geek."

You look at a pebble and notice that it resembles a 14er on a very small scale.

You wear hiking boots or shoes on a regular basis (if you wear them to a formal event, extra points.)

You don't need to have any kind of entertainment when you're on a long car ride in Colorado... the view is sufficient.

You can recognize all of the 14ers by name just by seeing a picture of them.

Your ideal vacation is in the mountains climbing for days on end.

You know who Albert Ellingwood was.

You consider naming pets and children after 14ers.

You consider naming pets and children after people or screennames you discovered on

You examine a stone building and wonder what it's difficulty rating is.

You hear someone in the middle of a conversation say "I like it on top" and don't take it in a derogatory way.

You know the name and screenname of a man who climbed Mt. Elbert in a purple pimp suit and demoted Sunshine Peak to a centennial 13er.

You log onto more than your e-mail account.

you go to take your clothes out of the washer and they are already dry

You see a painting with a mountain in it and start to try and figure out what the best route would be to climb it (same goes for movies)

You name your fantasy football team the Colorado 14'ers