Friday, September 29, 2006

Some things I noticed about Triathlon

I came across this posting in the Triathlon Forum on MySpace a while back and I can totally relate to about every single one of these. I had this on my blog on Myspace but since I have started this I thought I would move some things over.




Some things i noticed about fat, out of shape idiots that don't know a thing about or have ever participated in a triathlon...they:

1. repeatedly call it a "marathon", "superthon", etc.
2. repeatedly call me a triathlon
2. refer to olympic and sprint distances as "easy"
3. think only the ironman is a "real triathlon"
4. want to verify I am training and racing correctly
5. think i have "a lot of spare time" to train
6. think i am not training enough or correctly
7. think it is "impossible" that I could "do" a triathlon
8. doubt and talk negatively about me or my training partner to me (wtf?!)
9. think i'm a faster cyclist than them because my bike is faster
10. like to race me on their 1st lap @ my lap 130 in the pool
11. like to race me on their mile 1 @ my mile 40 on the road
12. think my positive attitude about myself is a negative one against them
13. "accidently" almost kill me as they turn into McDonalds on their cell phone
14. promise to show up and cheer for you and never show
15. reminisce about high school and how triathlon couldn't ever be tougher
16. how they go on and on about becoming a triathlete but dont do anything...

i just kinda let this stuff slide off my back... instead of trying to help someone that doesn't want to help themself I just let them be... it a waste of time to change their feeble minds...

then theres the moment they ask how i did in my race (with that smirk of how they expect me to have finished last or something) and i answer them with an outstanding finish time and placing.... the look on their faces is hilarious... like they swallowed a big rat or something....