Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year in Review

“Real change is hard, and it’s not something that people usually look for. More often than not, it’s what we try to avoid at all costs. In many ways, seeking comfort is the natural way of the animal. But in the most important way, it’s not. Without discomfort, without risk, and without struggle, we do not grow. And life without growth is death. The longer we sit on the shelf, the faster we turn into the stuffed-animal versions of ourselves. Before we know it, we’re 100% plush, and “real change” is just another nice idea.
If you want something real, you’ve got to put in something real. Words aren’t real. Promises aren’t real. New Year’s Resolutions aren’t real. But action, work, sweat, pain, time and sacrifice—those are real.
Real change hurts. The process isn’t always fun. There will be days when you want to quit, and sometimes finishing the day takes everything you’ve got. But once you’ve done it, once you’ve crossed that finish line—no one can take that away from you, and the accomplishment lasts forever.”

As I am sitting here on the couch pondering this quote and how it applies to everything across one's life I started thinking about this past year my first reaction was, "Man that was a wasted year" until I really started thinking about it and looking through my photos.  It was actually a pretty awesome year!  Funny how the mind can so easily put a "not so great" spin on things as time passes without one realizing it especially when in the middle of a personal funk.   It was another decent year on the racing front even though I did not hit my main goal of sub 24 hours at Bighorn 100, the weather and mud had other ideas for me.  Got in a trip to do some more high peaks in Mexico and spent a lot of time in gym which for some reason has been sucking me in more and more lately which I don't mind.  Travels this year was not as much as last year but included trips to Georgia, Death Valley, Northern Wyoming, North Carolina, Moab, Taos, Mexico and of course all over my lovely state of Colorado as always.   Also got out of my comfort zone a lot more this year personally, professionally and emotionally which is a huge step for me.  It was a pretty awesome year and  I am thankful for all the friends and memories from these experiences, adventures and trips.  Anyways let's start the break down of the year with training and racing since that is the main focus of this blog, which is to catalog outdoor adventures for the most part.  I have branched out a little as of late on this blog talking about more personal and professional things in vague terms, maybe that will continue to grow on here and maybe it won't.  We'll see.....

Training: Not my biggest year by far in the running mileage, especially the back half of the year, but I sure spent a lot of time in the gym this year.  For some reason the gym has been calling me more and more every year.  Trying to fit in all different activities I like to do takes away from the jogging which everyone know is what truly makes me happy but it is worth it to me to be a more rounded and more functional athlete as I get older.  The bike was a non-factor again this year which needs to change here quickly for these numbers are not acceptable.   Here is how 2018 breaks down.

How does that compare to the past years?  Well this is an interesting view.  Now you can see what I mean by total hours still being up.  Four big years in a row, can the trend continue?  Can you tell what year I got divorced?  This is comparing the last 11 years in total hours.

Solid year in the racing department for the most part but the ongoing joke the past 2 years in the GOMs  (Grumpy Old Men) is this was another one of  "Shad's Years of Mediocrity" with doing so many different things and not really focusing on one race again but trying to do it all.   Maybe I will learn here soon that I need to focus more, if I could only get into Hardrock or Western States I know that the focus would happen without effort.  Anyways here is the list of all the organized races and/or events from the year.  Lots of great times and memories this year, I look back at this list and it just brings a smile from ear to ear.  From the travel to the burro racing to the big mountain climbing.  Of course the smile got even bigger when I started digging through all the photos on my phone (at the end of the post).  Damn, what a fun year it was and I am honored once again to have so many great friends and people in my life.

2018 Races/Events

Got in weak 19 books this year.  Of course some of them were zombie apocalypse themed books again and there is a trend of reading a lot military and climbing books, not sure what attracts me to those types of books but whatever.  Not sure where my book list will go this year either.  Just been a struggle to get my butt to read at night, I am so tired I fall asleep super quickly anymore.   After thinking about it a bit, I guess reading 19 books is really not that bad considering there was a period from the end of July to Thanksgiving where I hardly picked up anything at all.  Good to get back to it and feel like myself again.  I have discovered this year that I need to read pretty regularly in order to feel grounded and myself.

2018 Books Read
1. Karakoram: Climbing thru the Kashmir Conflict*
2. Speal: A David and Goliath Story
3. The Invictus Mindset*
4. Post Workout Supplementation*
5. Chasing Excellence: A Story About Building the World's Fittest Athletes*
6. Running into the Dark*
7. Arisen: Fickisms
8. NAVY SEAL Training Class 144: My BUD/S Journal*
9. Ueli Steck: My Life in Climbing*
10. North: Finding my way while running the Appalachian Trail*
11. Flexible Dieting 2.0: Philosophy for the Modern Athlete*
12. A Guide to Flexible Dieting (PDF book)*
13. How I Became the Fittest Woman on Earth*
14. Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller*
15. Travels with Charley*
16. Living with Monks*
17. Arisen: Odyssey*
18. Can't Hurt Me*
19. Wired for Love

Review of Goals for 2018: This year was a hit or miss year on goals again.
1. Re-qualify for the Hardrock lottery - Done
2. Re-qualify for Western States lottery -Done
3. Travel somewhere new for a race -Done
4. Attend at least one concert - Done
5. Read at least 30 books - Not even close (see above), went 4 months with no reading
6. Sky Dive - Fail
7. Leave the lower 48 states - Done, Mexico
8. Keep the Blog more updated - Could have done better, but like what I wrote this year, especially as of late.
9. Throw my hat into donkey racing - Did as many as I could which was most of them.
10. Backpacking on the Colorado trail - Fail
11. Deadlift 400lbs - Done

Now on to some "loose" goals for 2019
1. Re-qualify for Western States lottery
2. Backpacking on the Colorado Trail- at least 3 nights
3. Attend at least one concert
4. Sky Dive
5. Keep the blog more updated
6. Read at least 20 books
7. Leave the lower 48 states
8. Bench 225lbs assuming I am able to solve the bum shoulder issue
9. Get my Ham Radio license
10. Maybe another 18,000ft plus mountain

Year in Photos

Tonka's last snow before passing a week later
Mount Santias views
Mount Mitchell 40miler Finish Line

Gemma is not pleased with my travelling
Showing Avery my favorite secret pull-up bar
Right before dropping at the Georgia Death Race due to a bum ankle
Group jog with gym buds with my bum ankle
Exploring in Colorado Springs area
5K pain at the Boulder Rez
Eric and Neal at Collegiate Peaks
Ragnar Fun with gym buds
Clicking off the miles at Bighorn 100
Many lunch hours spent this year training with these 3 fools
Pacing Don at the Badwater 135
Fairplay Burro World Championship with some GOMs
Start of  Leadville Burro Race
Finished pacing Donnie to his Leadman finish
Buena Vista Burro Race
End of the 12 Hour GoRuck Boulder Challenge with gym buds
Fredrick Burro Race
Gym hike at RMNP
Running an aid station at the Moab 240
Visitor passing thru the aid station at Moab 240
Marie & Tracy going down Mount Sherman
Pyramid of the Sun- Mexico
Iztaccihuatl Peak in Mexico
Pico de Orizaba in Mexico
Tracy and Gemma on S Mountain on Thanksgiving
Skiing fun at Cooper in Leadville

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