Thursday, October 18, 2018


To build off of the last post about finding your drive and based on some conversations I have had the past week with a friend there is another aspect that has to be explored a little, intention.

Intention matters. Doing something is great, but the WHY behind it is what will often dictate whether it is a true success or failure. I recently read a great quote by the Jocko Willink that goes, "If you are doing something for the right reasons you are going to win in the end.” Do you believe this? I do. It seems to me that the intention behind the action can find many ways to work when you step back and look at a goal from the big picture.  For example there are many times that I have trained hard for an event only to have a horrible day or to DNF a race.  People would often consider this failure but when I  look back at my “why” or my intent we see that these were only going to be vehicles behind it to push myself even farther and to make myself better, not the end purpose themselves. With that considered true, my  “why” remains unchanged while I’ve had to find different ways to have reach my goals and had to keep trying,  both of these things were never my intention but have been causes of me pursuing things with all my heart which is the way I can most efficiently express my “why.”  
I write this to challenge you to find your true “why” or your intention behind your goals. Keep asking yourself “why” you are choosing to do something. Literally keep asking it as many times as you can, have a real conversation with yourself, you’ll learn something. And also the conclusion will be that you’ll see that your task/reward/trophy you are in pursuit of is actually a very small part of the equation in something much greater. When you get to the root answer you’ll also see failure isn’t always what you assume. We often look at choice points in our lives as I’ve failed something and now I must choose something else. I’d argue that if your intention is deep enough, if it is meaningful enough you will continue to find ways and outlets to express your heart, to find your meaning and to impact your world.
All of this is why Jocko’s quote rings so strongly in my mind. If the reason you set out to pursuit something is right, you’ll never stop even if that means finding new avenues to make it happen.

Intention matters.

Now go get some as Jocko would say.

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